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"American Twilight"  2012.  Dan McCall


"American Twilight"  2012.  Dan McCall

Does New Boston Bombing Report Hint at Hidden Global Intrigue?

Did the US Provoke the Axis Powers?

CIA Terror Chief Pulls Rank in Kiev

Washington’s Inconsistent Stance on Territorial Integrity

The Ayatollahs’ Overlooked Anti-WMD Fatwas

“Take 9-11. That means something in the United States. The “world changed” after 9-11. Well, do a slight thought experiment. Suppose that on 9-11 the planes had bombed the White House, suppose they’d killed the president, established a military dictatorship, quickly killed thousands, tortured tens of thousands more, set up a major international terror center that was carrying out assassinations, overthrowing governments all over the place, installing other dictatorships, and drove the country into one of the worst depressions in its history and had to call on the state to bail them out. Suppose that had happened? It did happen. On the first 9-11 in 1973. Except we were responsible for it, so it didn’t happen. That’s Allende’s Chile. You can’t imagine the media talking about this.”

—   Noam Chomsky (via asdfcriiiis)

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FBI Accused of Infiltrating Guantánamo Defense Team


How the Israeli Gov’t Enslaves American Children

Adam Kokesh is surprised to find just how far the influence of the Israel lobby extends

The Origins of America’s Warfare State

The Libya Lie


Libya War: What They Don’t Want You to Know

We are taught all our lives that our modern political systems are “by and for the people.” In order to justify taking us to war, then, our misleaders have to convince us that war is not a racket, as General Smedley Butler revealed, and is not for the benefit of the industrialists who sell the munitions or the politicians in their back pocket or the financiers that own them both, but in the interest of the average man or woman. In other words, they lie through their teeth.

Find out more about the lies that led us to Libya in 2011, and the cover up of what is taking place there today in this week’s edition of The Eyeopener report.

skeptvU.S. Imperialism Explained

HipHughes explains the fundamentals of U.S. Imperialism concentrating on the essentials. If you don’t know the basics, you basically know nothing

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